Preparing for Fall & Winter

Stan the HandymanI know, it goes so fast doesn’t it? School is about to start and the last day of Summer is less than three weeks away as I write this post. Where does it go?

Time to start thinking about winterizing the Summer Cottage or Camp. Perhaps it’s getting close to time to pull out the boat and dock.

Then there’s all that leaf raking, gutter cleaning, and storm windows to put up. This is also the best time to seal the driveway.

If you are a year-round Maine resident, do you have all your firewood stacked? Don’t forget to clean the windows for the season before the weather gets too cold.

If you are seasonal resident, don’t forget the anti-freeze for the drains. Eliminate any liquid in the home that might freeze. Remove anything that is edible or out it in a metal container.

Turn off all circuit breakers, drain the pipes, and dont forget to defrost the refrigerator if its not frostless, then leave the doors ajar when it’s off.

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